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    Joshua D Boxer the leader and innovator behind Magnetic Marketing Innovations.  His passion to develop new and unique methods to catapult clients to the next level make him a very in demand marketing consultant.

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GKIC Interview

Here’s a case study interview I did with my local Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle chapter at one of our meeting.  I’ve been a member with GKIC over the past few years, and some of the material and strategies I have learned there have really help me to develop as a marketer.  Sometimes we get stuck in thinking that online is the only way to go, but being at this meeting really helps me to open my eyes to new possibilities.

Not to mention, it’s great to be with real business owners every month and get to know them, they deires and the problems they are facing.  This is invaluable information for me and my consultancy business.  You gotta keep your hand on the pulse, and this meeting helps me to do just that.

In this meeting I was asked to come up and talk about my business to the group, and even though the video is a bit shaky there’s a lot of valuable information in it.


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