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    Joshua D Boxer the leader and innovator behind Magnetic Marketing Innovations.  His passion to develop new and unique methods to catapult clients to the next level make him a very in demand marketing consultant.

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Internet Movement Interview With Dustin Mathews

Here’s an interview I did recently with Dustin Mathews for the Internet Movement TV show.

If you don’t know who Dustin is…Dustin Mathews expertise in internet marketing has earned him national accolades and the respect of information marketing industry. He publishes the most widely read offline newsletter for speakers, affiliates and promoters. The Internet Marketing guy started his entrepreneurial success as the marketing genius behind the success of Foreclosures Daily. His expertise was critical to helping take that business to the number 35 position on the Inc. 500 list.

Needless to say, I was honored to be interviewed by him, even if it was only for a few mins.



  1. Gil Nelson says:

    Hey Josh,

    Having met you, I concur with Dustin, you are a genius and I’ll add, a gentleman!

    It’s no surprise to me that you’re starting to get the International recognition for your medical marketing tactics and your willingness to share your tactics with other local marketing consultants. Keep on rockin’.

    Great Interview!


  2. Gary Wynder says:

    Hi Joshua!
    It comes as no surprise to me either that you are starting to get some serious recognition and attention within this industry. You deserve your success. Having bought a couple of your products I can vouch for your marketing intelligence and your natural creative talents, by how well you programmed and marketed these products. I will be coming back to you again at some point in the future because I know you are the real deal and you don’t promote hype or fantasies.

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