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That was different…  Last night Alex Lessa and I attempted to put on a webinar, but like many things in life it didn’t go as planned.

You would not believe the amount of problems we had getting this webinar out last night, but somehow we still did it.

It all started with my reminder email, where I didn’t even have proper English in the first line.  My internet has been cutting out every 20 or 30 minutes for the past two days, so I had to get that email out durring one of the few moments that I had a connection, and didn’t have time to proofread it. My connection even cut out 4 minutes before we started the webinar, so I had to call in from my phone.

We were running the webinar through a program we were beta testing, only to find out at the last minute that people would have to call in to hear us, not a good thing for everyone in a foreign country :(

Not only that, but for some reason almost everyone on the forum was coming up as Juan Sanchez when they typed into the chat box.  Still not sure how that happened, but I was thinking that Juan was a very talkative man for a few minutes.

As soon as I started to introduce Alex, I spilt water all over my laptop! My main computer is an Imac, but I still have a PC laptop that I keep next to me which has all my keyword software and research.  So as I was introducing Alex I was watching my computer go down.  Suffice to say I did not do well with my introduction, and basically just was talking nonsense :( :(  

And after all that it does not even mention the problems Alex had on his side and he had plenty too.  But in the end Alex spoke from the heart about a topic both he and I are very  
passionate about.  Alex talked about time management and productivity.  Although those are not the sexy topics we sometimes like to hear about, they are essential to success.  

We really wanted to make the replay available to everyone, but as would be expected from a night of contact blunders, the recording is not playable.  I’m really sorry about that, cause I really wanted you to have the chance to watch it, but Alex will be coming out with something very soon, and I will let you know about it as soon as he does.  He has helped me get to the next level with my business, and I am sure can do the same for you too.
So, after all that.  After all the mistakes and problems we had, I learned a lot of lessons and had an experience that will make my business and I stronger for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tale of misfortune and I just want to say thanks for readying my emails and following my blog.  
I’m going to work hard and enjoy to bring you lots of value in the exciting times ahead.


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  1. RH Berg says:


    Although I signed up for this webinar, I was not able to attend. An old friend who I hadn’t seen in 40 years was in town unexpectedly. We went out to dinner and tried to catch up.

    Since your webinar was less than successful, due to technical problems, it would be a perfect opportunity to re-schedule and re-promote.

    I would be very interested in attending as I think the topic most germane and important.


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