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The Vibration Effect

When a violin player puts his fingers to the strings, he communicates through sound waves. These waves travel outwards in all directions until they reach the ears of his intended audience. If the musician has a good song to offer and he’s persistent in playing it, eventually his listeners will make copies of that music and spread it wherever they go. With time, the sounds from that one little violin can reach the entire world. I like to call this, The Vibration Effect, especially as applied to marketing.

Marketing is like the process that makes a violin player’s song popular. First a few people find a product and like it. They tell a few more people about it and slowly the product grows in popularity.

Of course, there are a whole lot of marketers trying to catch the attention of the consumer. However, they don’t all market at the same time, in the same place and for as long. Many are better at marketing than others and each one has a different kind of method catching your attention. However, if a marketer does well enough, with the right technique and long enough, his product will find an audience.

This may seem like too many variables for the average marketer to easily develop an effective marketing plan. In reality, it’s just three simple pieces to create an effective “song”.

1. Persistence

2. Timing

3. Message


Many marketers give up the plan way too soon for their message to have reached the audience. This happens for a number of reasons. Maybe the marketer thinks it’s too hard to figure out the right formula to reaching consumers. Maybe the marketer isn’t seeing instant results from his work. Or the marketer has been doing this for a long time, but one of the other two methods are ineffective, so he’s not seeing results.

One of the most important aspects of a good marketing plan is Persistence. It takes time to become an overnight success and that requires diligence. Remember the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

The answer: Practice. Practice. Practice.


This also applies to, Timing, in marketing. Many would-be marketers have problems with scheduling their promotions and messages. Some will pay for the same ads over and over until the public is sick of it. Others will only promote occasionally, depriving the consumer of a chance to find a great product. The key is to promote on a regular and consistent basis.

This consistency in schedule also helps draw the attention of users who may not have heard of the product before. Over time, the interest grows and more money is tossed into the coffers.


None of this is going to work without a good Message. Promoting to the public is a tricky thing. The message needs to be polished and slick enough to sound professional. It also needs to provide some value to the audience. A so-so song played expertly is still a so-so song.

The marketer can’t draw real interest in a product or service without offering the public something valuable in his message. He may be able to create a splashy ad and it shows up consistently, but it’s nothing without value.

Luckily, value comes in many forms. Promotions can be informational or they can be fun and interesting. There are many ways to get the consumer interested in your message from making that emotional connection to providing needed information. Once the consumer’s attention is fixed, the sales begin.

The Vibration Effect is useful in all areas of promotion. Before the advent of the internet, marketers relied exclusively on radio and television to get their message out. The internet allows marketers to do so much more from press releases to blogs to podcasts. I know I haven’t thought up all the different ways to effectively communicate with the consumer.  How do you like to get your message out?





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  1. Susan says:

    Great post and message! I have been prospecting via videos. I have gotten quite a few responses saying “you really stand out” with this approach. Thanks for your share.

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